When finding a professional to assist with your mold issues, it's important to do your own homework in order to find the best fit for your specific needs. That being said, Toolman Mold Inspections has built relationships with many talented resources and the lists below can help you in your search. Other more general links are included as well.  

Licensed Mold Remediators (Austin/San Antonio)

Superior Remediation: Service areas are Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas. License #MRC1486. Call Chris Duncan at 512-988-4284

ServiceMaster Restoration by All Pro: Service area is Austin. License #RCO1024. Call Jeff Wyble at 512-252-4722

All Nation Restoration: Service area covers Austin, Waco and San Antonio. License #MRC1719. Call Chris Moreno at 512-934-8180 or email at chris@allnationrestoration.com

United Water Restoration: Service areas are Austin (website) and San Antonio (website). License #RCO1329. Call 512-813-0511 or email at customer.care@uwraustin.com for Austin. Call 210-899-4570 or email at customer.care@uwrsa.com for San Antonio
Big Guys Restoration: Service area covers Central Texas including Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston. License #MRC1714. Call 800-617-0648

Licensed Mold Remediators (Houston) 

AdvantaClean of Houston West: License #RCO1330. Phone number is 713-344-1385

Licensed Mold Remediators (Dallas)

RestoPros: License #RCO1144. Phone number is 855-587-3786

Olympic Restoration Systems: License #RCO0231. Phone number is 817-523-6676

Licensed HVAC Professionals (Austin)

TemperaturePro West Austin: Owned and operated by Tim Hostetter. Phone number is 512-953-5822

Garner Heating & Air Conditioning: Phone number is 512-392-2000

Diamond K Air Conditioning & Heating: Owned and operated by Jeff Knight. Phone number is 512-331-7085

Licensed HVAC Professionals (Houston)

Standard Cooling: Owned and operated by Jack Sahagian. Phone number is 281-561-8848

RedStar Cooling & Heating: Based in The Woodlands. Phone number is 281-651-STAR

Healthcare (Austin)

Texas Integrative Medicine: Texas Integrative is the creation of Dr. Wally Taylor, my dad. Phone number is 512-420-9300

Merritt Wellness Center: Certified to treat mold illness and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, which can be a result of exposure to mold. Phone number is 512-495-9015. Also visit www.moldytohealthy.com

Dr. Christine Maren: Phone number is 303-704-4487

Dr. Lauryn Lax: Phone number is 512-359-3539

Neuronutrition Associates: Focus is functional and integrative pediatric care. Phone number is 512-599-8850

Heart & Soul Integrative Medicine: Dr. Amy Offutt. Phone number is 830-693-9355

West Holistic Medicine: Dr. Jennifer Pollard, Dr. Ashley Maltz, Dr. Gabriela Pichardo. Phone number is 512-814-0148

Lake Travis Integrative Medicine: Dr. Julie Reardon. Phone number is 512-850-6963

Dr. Ann Shippy: Phone number is 512-732-9975

Infinity Wellness Center: Dr. Tenesha Wards, Dr. Danny VanNoy. Phone number is 512-328-0505

Kinsei: Dr. Matthew Buckley. Phone number is 512-327-1771

Victory Medical: Founded by Dr. William Franklin. Phone number is 512-462-3627

JULI MD: Dr. Juli La Rocca. Focus is anxiety and depression.

Healthcare (San Antonio/Fredericksburg)

Hill Country Integrative Medicine: Dr. Christa O'Leary. Phone number is 830-992-3042

Healing Provisions: Barry Smeltzer, Dr. Donald Sprague. San Antonio and Austin locations. Phone number is 210-369-9856

Healthcare (Houston)

Hope for Healing Functional Medicine: Dr. Paula Kruppstadt. Phone number is 281-725-6767

My Pure MD: Dr. Shezi Kirmani. Phone number is 346-240-4911

Origins Healthcare Center: Dr. Peter Osborne. Phone number is 281-240-2229

Healthcare (Dallas)

Carpathia Collaborative: Founded by Dr. Margaret Christensen and Dr. Heidi Iratcabal. Phone number is 469-729-6460

DIY Mold Testing Labs

ImmunoLytics: Specializing in low-cost "mold plates" that can help determine if you have a mold issue. Phone number is 505-217-0339

EnviroBiomics: Offering ERMI, HERSTMI-2 and many other testing options that use DNA sequencing to determine the presence of mold and other contaminants. Phone number is 210-570-2095

Product Links

Toolman Mold Amazon Shopping List: Xtreme Mats, water sensors, books, dehumidifiers, hygrometers, filtration devices and much more!

BioBalance: fogging, misting and other cleaning products. Phone number is 800-510-9244

CitriSafe: cleaners, laundry detergent, soap, supplements, candles, etc. 

Vibrant Nourished Life: a full menu of wellness products, services and information

General Mold Education

Toxic Mold Summit: Reasonably priced access to talks with over 40 physicians and air quality specialists. 

IEP Radio: A free podcast hosted by Michael Schrantz, an industry leading Indoor Environmental Professional.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR): The TDLR oversees the mold industry in Texas, which is more highly regulated than most other states. 

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): The EPA has some great information on everything from mold cleanup to testing, to health concerns. 

Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings (EPA): This is a great, easy to digest (only 46 pages) guide to mold remediation. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): The CDC page is also chock full of good info, including preventative measures that can be taken to prevent mold issues. 

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