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When finding a professional to assist with your mold issues, it's important to do your own homework in order to find the best fit for your specific needs. That being said, Toolman Mold Inspections has built relationships with many talented resources and the lists below can help you in your search. Other more general links are included as well.  

Licensed Mold Remediators (Austin/San Antonio/Texas-Wide)

ServiceMaster Restoration by All Pro
: Service area is Austin and San Antonio. License #RCO1024. Call Jeff Wyble at 512-252-4722

Superior Remediation
: Service areas are Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas. License #MRC1486. Call Chris Duncan at 512-988-4284

All Nation Restoration: Service area covers Austin, Waco and San Antonio. License #MRC1719. Call Chris Moreno at 512-934-8180 or email at

United Water Restoration: Service areas are Austin (website) and San Antonio (website). License #RCO1329. Call 512-813-0511 or email at for Austin. Call 210-899-4570 or email at for San Antonio

General Contractors (for build-back)

Best Austin Handyman: Service area is Austin. Phone number is 

Damien Pearson: Service area is Austin. Phone number is 512-406-1273

Licensed Mold Remediators (Houston) 

AdvantaClean of Houston West: License #RCO1330. Owned and operated by Fabricio Cardenas. IMPORTANT!!! - we are only recommending the Houston West franchise, not AdvantaClean as a whole. Each franchise is owned and operated independently and there are differences in quality. Phone number is 832-888-8577 or 832-888-8574. Do NOT use the website, as you will be routed to the franchise closest to you and not necessarily to Houston West.

ARC Remediation & Construction LLC
: Owned and operated by Robert Lowery. License #MRC0123. Phone number is 281-924-1881

Licensed Mold Remediators (Dallas)

RestoPros: License #RCO1144. Phone number is 855-587-3786

Olympic Restoration Systems: License #RCO0231. Phone number is 817-523-6676

Licensed HVAC Professionals (Austin)

iAir Services: Phone number is 512-675-6997

Garner Heating & Air Conditioning
: Phone number is 512-392-2000

Licensed HVAC Professionals (Houston)

Standard Cooling: Owned and operated by Jack Sahagian. Phone number is 281-561-8848

RedStar Cooling & Heating: Based in The Woodlands. Phone number is 281-651-STAR

Energy Audits (Austin)

Earth Energy Audits
: Owned and operated by Andy Pell. Phone number is 512-446-7679

Legal (Texas-wide)

Just Well Law: After losing her family's home to toxic mold, Princeton and Yale educated lawyer Kristina Baehr created the firm she couldn't find at the time. She is a fierce advocate for those pursuing recovery of their own health and financial well being. Phone number is 512-714-6919

Healthcare (Austin)

Oubre Medical: Led by Dr. Philip Oubre, the Oubre Medical team have been mold treatment experts since 2016. Click the link to schedule a consult.
AustinMD: Dr. Kausik Roy is a Functional and Integrative, Internal Medicine Board Certified MD offering diagnosis and treatment of mold and associated conditions. Also offering IV therapies including Glutathione, PTC, and Ozone therapy. Phone number is 512-593-5605 or email

Wiser Health
: Sara Stapleton is the only Shoemaker certified practitioner in Texas, treating Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Phone number is 512-410-2555.

Dr. Christine Maren: Phone number is 303-704-4487

Neuronutrition Associates: Focus is functional and integrative pediatric care. Phone number is 512-599-8850

Heart & Soul Integrative Medicine: Dr. Amy Offutt. Phone number is 830-693-9355

West Holistic Medicine: Dr. Jennifer Pollard, Dr. Ashley Maltz, Dr. Gabriela Pichardo. Phone number is 512-814-0148

Lake Travis Integrative Medicine: Dr. Julie Reardon. Phone number is 512-850-6963

Inna Benyukhis: Inna is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) helping people who struggle with depression, anxiety, weight issues, mold illness and Lyme disease by incorporating nutrition and lifestyle changes that create emotional balance, as well as improved mental and physical health so they can feel hopeful, calm and empowered. Phone number is 312-404-4675 or email her at

Nutrition with Judy: CIRS Proficiency Partner Diplomate. Providing CIRS, Mold, Lyme, MCAS, Gut Health and Nutritional Holistic Health Wellness services. Email is

The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy: Diagnosing and treating patients suffering from neuro-vestibular/neuro-visual symptoms which can oftentimes be caused by mold toxicity. Offering visual rehabilitation and related services. Locations in Austin at Pecan Park: 512-401-0400, Westlake: 512-614-1640 and San Antonio: 210-490-9900

Infinity Wellness Center: Dr. Tenesha Wards, Dr. Danny VanNoy. Phone number is 512-328-0505

Kinsei: Dr. Matthew Buckley. Phone number is 512-327-1771

Victory Medical: Founded by Dr. William Franklin. Phone number is 512-462-3627

JULI MD: Dr. Juli La Rocca. Focus is anxiety and depression.

Vital-Side: Vital-Side was Founded by Lindsay Mitchell. After physical trauma from things like mold exposure, the fight-or-flight response can get stuck in the 'ON' position, causing your brain to continually think you're in danger, even after the removal of the stressor. The Vital-Side Method is meant to retrain the brain to allow for decrease of symptoms and increased resiliency to stress. 

Healthcare (San Antonio/Fredericksburg)

Hill Country Integrative Medicine: Dr. Christa O'Leary. Phone number is 830-992-3042

Healing Provisions: Barry Smeltzer, Dr. Donald Sprague. San Antonio and Austin locations. Phone number is 210-369-9856

Healthcare (Houston)

Hope for Healing Functional Medicine: Dr. Paula Kruppstadt. Phone number is 281-725-6767

My Pure MD: Dr. Shezi Kirmani. Phone number is 346-240-4911

Origins Healthcare Center: Dr. Peter Osborne. Phone number is 281-240-2229

Product Links

CitriSafe: cleaners, laundry detergent, soap, supplements, candles, etc. 

General Mold Education

Toxic Mold Summit: Reasonably priced access to talks with over 40 physicians and air quality specialists. 

IEP Radio: A free podcast hosted by Michael Schrantz, an industry leading Indoor Environmental Professional.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR): The TDLR oversees the mold industry in Texas, which is more highly regulated than most other states. 

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): The EPA has some great information on everything from mold cleanup to testing, to health concerns. 

Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings (EPA): This is a great, easy to digest (only 46 pages) guide to mold remediation. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): The CDC page is also chock full of good info, including preventative measures that can be taken to prevent mold issues. 

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