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Our step-by-step approach will leave you feeling educated and ready to tackle the project!


Every assessment starts by gathering information about your issues, concerns and goals. This includes anything you can tell us about the moisture history of the building, including leaks and spills, as well as other things like visible damage and strange odors. These are all clues that can help us identify the problems.


The next step is a thorough visual inspection, including the use of specialized instruments including infrared camera, moisture meter, VOC meter and hygrometer (humidity meter) to determine the presence of water damage, mold and other toxins.


After the visual assessment, we’ll briefly discuss what was found and develop a sampling strategy with you to help confirm sources of contamination and to analyze the overall level of contamination in different areas of the building. Samples are then collected, a chain of custody is completed and samples are sent to the labs. Sampling types:

“Direct Exam” refers to samples that are read under a microscope to identify and quantify the genus (family) of molds present. Spore trap air samples capture fungal spores present in the air to assess whether a fungal elevation is present in certain areas. Surface samples (tape, swab or bulk) are collected directly from a surface containing suspect visible mold to identify the genus of molds present and whether or not they are actually growing on that surface.

“PCR Sampling” (ERMI, HERTSMI-2, Fungi10) is a DNA-based method for quantifying mold species commonly found in water damaged buildings. Yes, this is the same technology used for Covid testing.


Once we receive the lab results, we’ll put together a report that contains pictures and descriptions of the issues, interpretation of lab results and recommendations for each issue. We also provide a mold remediation protocol and other protocols that are applicable to your project.


We include a 1-hour follow-up session to review the report, answer questions and ensure that you have a firm understanding of the situation. Our goal is to educate you!

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