What Can I Expect During My Mold Inspection?

Visual Mold Inspection

After I get some background about the issues you're having and the goals you had in hiring me, I'll begin by conducting a visual mold inspection. I'll check all the areas of property, paying close attention to the problem areas, as well as other common areas where mold growth occurs, such as under sinks, in AC vents and behind refrigerators.


I'll use specialized instruments where necessary, including a moisture meter and humidity meter. With your permission, I might get a little more invasive. For instance, pulling back baseboards or cutting out small pieces of sheet-rock are some of the ways I can further investigate problem areas. What I'm looking for are signs of water damage, leaks and of course, mold. Each situation is different, so contact me and we can talk a little further about your situation.

Mold Testing

Also known as mold sampling, there are two main ways that I can test for mold. Mold testing is not always necessary but it can provide a lot of good information, including the scientific proof you may need to present to certain parties including insurance companies, landlords and realtors.

Mold Air Testing: This method measures what is present in the air in a particular area at that time. It will tell us the types of mold in the air and the numbers of spores per cubic meter of each type of mold. An air pump is used to draw in a specific volume (typically a 5-minute, 75 liter sample). Specially designed air sampling cassettes are mounted on the pump. These contain a small microscope slide that collects mold spores. An outdoor air sample is always obtained to provide a baseline comparison to the indoor samples.

Mold Surface Testing: This is a very straightforward way to test for mold. If I see what I believe or suspect to be mold, taking a surface sample will not only confirm whether it is or isn't, it will also confirm the type of mold and whether the mold is in growth stage. In other words, is the mold actually growing on the surface in question or did it just land there? I use microscope slides and swabs to gather the samples, depending on the surface I am working with. 

All samples are carefully packaged along with a chain of custody form and delivered to a lab that is licensed by the State of Texas. Turnaround time is approximately 3 days, however, this can be expedited for an additional fee if needed. 

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