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Licensed Mold Remediators
Big Guys Remediation: State-wide service area. Call Lloyd Gray at 832-941-9671
Superior Remediation: Service areas are Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas. Call Chris Duncan at 512-988-4284
ServiceMaster Restoration by All Pro: Service area is Austin. Call Jeff Wyble at 512-252-4722
Mundae Cleaning & Restoration Services: Service area is Houston. Phone number is 713-777-7700 
Licensed HVAC Professionals (Austin area)
Garner Heating & Air Conditioning: My favorite technician is Ryan Peterson. Phone number is 512-392-2000
TemperaturePro West Austin: Owned and operated by Tim Hostetter. Phone number is 512-953-5822
Diamond K Air Conditioning & Heating: Owned and operated by Jeff Knight. Phone number is 512-331-7085
Licensed HVAC Professionals (Houston area)
RedStar Cooling & Heating: Based in The Woodlands. Phone number is 281-651-STAR
Texas Integrative Medicine: Texas Integrative is the creation of Dr. Wally Taylor, my dad. After more than 35 years practicing traditional western medicine. Dr. Taylor learned that most illness of a chronic or long-standing nature was the result of the interplay of a patient’s genetic makeup with the sum total of harmful environmental stresses to which that patient has been exposed during life. He has learned how to utilize the body’s own natural capacity for healing and regeneration through the use of both natural and traditional measures. Phone number is 512-420-9300
Neuronutrition Associates: Owned and operated by Dr. Emily Gutierrez, DNP, CPNP, PMHS, IFM-CP and Jana Roso, MSN, RN, CPNP. Their mission is to deliver outstanding functional and integrative pediatric medical care and provide support to families in raising healthy, happy children. From prevention to treatment, they use both traditional and holistic systems of medicine and other services to create comprehensive individualized treatment plans for each patient. Phone number is 512-599-8850
General Mold Education
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): The EPA has some great information on everything from mold cleanup to testing, to health concerns.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): The CDC page is also chock full of good info, including preventative measures that can be taken to prevent mold issues. 
Product Links
Toolman Mold Amazon Shopping List: Xtreme Mats, water sensors, books, dehumidifiers, hygrometers, filtration devices and much more. 
CitriSafe: cleaners, laundry detergent, soap, supplements, candles, etc. 
Vibrant Nourished Life: a full menu of wellness products, services and information
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